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"A monkey is always a monkey," says the proverb, " even if he has birth-tokens of gold." Although you have a book in your hand and read all the time, you do not under­stand a single thing that you read, but you are like the donkey that listens to the lyre and wags his ears.

If possessing books made their owner learned, they would indeed be a possession of great price, and only rich men like you would have them, since you could buy them at auction, as it were, outbidding us poor men. In that case, however, who could rival the dealers and booksellers for learning, who possess and sell so many books ? But if you care to look into the matter, you will see that they are not much superior to you in that point; they are barbarous of speech and obtuse in mind like you—just what one would expect people to be who have no conception of what is good and bad. Yet you have only two or three books which they themselves have sold you, while they handle books night and day."

--Lucian, The Ignorant Book-Collector (A.M. Harmon's translation).

The man looked at little Maria. "And this little friend is your sister, I take it?"

"I may be little, but I am not a friend of yours," Maria said, "and you may take it, or leave it."

--John Masefield, The Box of Delights.

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